Lighthouse roasters
5 Weeks
BrANDING, Packaging
A fresh packaging design for a sub-brand of a classic neighborhood coffee shop
The problem
Lighthouse Roasters is expanding into the Ready to Drink coffee sector, and they needed to create a sub-brand that will appeal to a younger generation of up and coming coffee drinkers while staying true to their parent brand. How might we create a brand that appeals to a younger demographic without alienating their current older, loyal customer base?
a youthful spin
I created a simplified version of Lighthouse’s antique roaster out of colorful shapes. The roaster graphic combined with the warm colors and simple type treatments feels welcoming and new but still retains pieces of Lighthouse’s heritage. This graphic serves as a nod to their traditional methods while signaling a move towards a younger demographic.
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Animation of lighthouse roaster
Simple gifs of cans stacking on top of each other
Oat Milk and Sugar RTD Coffee CanBranded Tote Bag
Spinning Can
Branded Enamel Mug