Posters on a brick wall
7 weeks
Service design
with Ryan Tiszai & Cory Oneill


Service Design — Brand identity — ux/ui
Navigating Healthcare Systems, Together
There are existing healthcare resources for people experiencing homelessness in King County, but the systems in place are fractured and difficult to navigate. How might we make it easier for underserved communities in Seattle to access healthcare?
We developed an app that works as a database and navigation system to guide our user through finding healthcare that is right for them. It allows them to search based on their needs and make appointments. It also provides text reminders of appointments and stores their medical history.
Stats on homelessness
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People experiencing homelessness face many barriers to accessing adequate healthcare. Compass is focused on identifying and removing those barriers.
Compass' advertising strategy targets places that are most frequented by people experiencing homelessness including the light rail, buses and bus stops, libraries, and shelters. Advertisements include a QR code to download the app. Compass is all about guiding and connecting real people to healthcare, so it's important to feature realistic, friendly photography.
Advertising would be located at the light rail, at bus stops and in buses.
THe app
The easy-to-use interface simplifies what is normally a stressful process, while a robust filter system lets people search by their unique needs, and notifications or text reminders increase the likelihood of follow through. For people who don't own phones, tablets displaying the app are strategically placed around the city — in libraries, at clinics, food banks, and shelters. These are adjustable so people of any mobility can use them.
Static screens displaying the Compass app.
Tablet version of the app
Mobile Supply Vans
Mobile supply vans bring water, harm prevention kits, nonperishable food, and first aid kits to local encampments. During these visits, advocates spread awareness about Compass and help with onboarding.
Compass branded mobile supply van
Our advocates are a point of contact for our users and have resources and training to handle a variety of situations. They are stationed wherever the kiosks are located in order to help users navigate the system, assist with medical paperwork and onboard new users. Once users are in the system they will no longer need to fill out any paperwork.
Advocate shirt and lanyard