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Visiting Our Great National Parks with President Obama

We teamed up with Netflix, The Wildlife Conservation Society and Count Us In to create an identity for President Obama's conservation-based nature documentary Our Great National Parks. The concept Wild for All speaks to the importance of protecting wildlife: we need wildlife and it needs us. We created a playful and relatable identity that ties together everyday wildlife with that of the the great national parks of the world. We wanted to appeal to all types of people, and worked to show that wildlife exists all around us: it is the butterfly flapping around the local playground just as much as it is the pigeon scuttling around the city center or the worm in your backyard garden.

DAD developed a name for the campaign and created a complete campaign identity, copy, site design and social content that was launched with a massive PR push. The Obamas promoted it on their social media accounts, President Obama talked about it with Al Roker on the Today Show, and outlets from Forbes to Harper's Bazaar to the BBC covered it's launch. President Obama even won an Emmy for his narration on the show! Most importantly, our approach to making wildlife feel accessible and important combined with massive media impressions encouraged thousands of people to get involved.
Netflix, Wildlife Conservation Society, Count Us In, Higher Ground Media
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The Wild for All logo with a butterfly
Several Wild For All posters and a bikeA ring tailed lemur