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And is for Androgynous
The current menstrual product landscape is extremely gendered. It creates a narrow and harmful myth about who has a period and alienates many people who menstruate including trans men and people who identify as nonbinary. How might we create a brand that includes all people who menstruate?
Products for people with periods, period
We developed a brand that doesn’t adhere to outdated period narratives. Instead, And depends on inclusive representation of all gender identities. Customers trust And to consistently deliver high quality, comfortable and sustainable products.
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For everybody and Every body

We wanted our logo to represent the inclusivity that is at the core of our brand. The name And originates from the word androgynous, as our goal was to create a brand that feels gender neutral and representative of anyone who might use menstrual products. However, it also nods to the importance of inclusion — our goal is to create a product for you & me & us & them, not just her. I created a series of custom ampersands that represent the range of bodies for whom our product was created: soft, angular, smooth, prickly, thick, thin, unexpected, expected, nonbinary, man, woman & everything in between.

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